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Employers may have a need to monitor employees suspected of using their company phone for illegal or inappropriate activity. After purchasing the Android spy software package, the customer will receive instructions and a download link to their email address within 24 hours except weekends and Bank Holidays. The download link is then inputted into the browser for the Android phone and the software can be downloaded and installed in minutes, after which a unique ID code is shown on the screen of the phone.

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This information has to be noted and subsequently emailed to Spy Equipment UK and then the software licence can be authorised. After the licence has been confirmed, the customer will have unlimited access to their secure login to the panel 24 hours per day for the licence period. The software is designed to monitor one Android phone handset. A purchase of this software entitles you to monitor unlimited data on the installed handset for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months from the installation date, dependant upon your chosen period. If you wish to continue using the software after the initial 3, 6 or 12 month period, then this will require an additional licence purchase.

It is, of course, possible to extend the licence for a longer period than your initial purchase option, so for example, if you originally chose a 3-month licence and wanted to extend this for a further 6 or 12 months, then it is simply a matter of paying for the upgrade.

The Ultra software has the most comprehensive range of monitoring features available.

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Most functions automatically report back captured data and information to the Web monitoring panel and each customer is provided with their own specific secure login to access their gathered information. Get recorded phone calls made or received by the monitored phone, get copies of SMS messages including text content , log all touch-screen keyboard input, Internet browsing history native phone browser , Pictures Captures, screenshots, IM pictures , get GPS locations of where the phone is every 20 minutes, see a list of application on the phone, view contacts as they are updated.

The web panel also shows the WiFi, mobile data connection, Bluetooth and battery charge. The very same remote control commands cannot only be controlled by the web-panel, but also by sending specially coded text messages. The SMS commands do require an actual text message to be sent to the spy phone, although a series of spaces in the message instructs the Ultra software to control the requested feature.

This information is fed through to the Web panel in real-time. On top of this for a rooted phone Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo emails can also be captured. This will only work for the main email account for each type, also the actual email itself will only be available and no attachments can be captured. Although the phone being monitored may not always have Internet access, this will not mean that the software cannot catalogue the phone activity.

The software will still store it covertly on the phones internal memory and then, when next connected to the Internet, upload this data to the Web panel. After the captured information has been shared with the panel it will be automatically deleted from the phone memory storage.

The spy software application is totally hidden.

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It does not appear as an icon on the phone screen, in the systems apps or as a running app, so it really is invisible. In addition to its invisibility, it is almost impossible to wipe the software from the phone even if the phone user undertakes a security wipe! You should be in no doubt that this has to be the ultimate spy phone software available.

No other spy phone app is so discrete, so swift to install and has so many features. The Web monitoring panel really is well laid and simple to use with information catalogued in such an intuitive way that even a new user will be able to find their way around in a matter of minutes. Information on the panel can be very easily downloaded in commonly used formats, with no additional software is required. No, the Ultra Spy Phone Software itself is the one that is being monitored and feeds its activity information out discreetly.

The phone being monitored does not need a SIM for the software to function, only an Internet connection to feed the data out to the web panel. Changing the SIM in the phone is not a problem. No, the software is completely hidden away.

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It cannot even be viewed in running apps or as operating system apps. Does the phone give any indication to the user that there is spy software on it?

The software is designed to run discreetly in the background. There are no indications whatsoever to the phone user.

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No-one will ever know. Information is sent to a Web panel specifically designed to monitor and catalogue the information sent through. A secure login is set up to access the information and control the spy phone. Some features of the software can be remotely switched on and off using either remote commands on the panel or by special SMS commands. Schools and parents can deactivate the phone's cameras and a sleep timer bars students from accessing the internet at bedtime.

Marist College Bendigo decided to roll out the technology after fielding calls from parents who wanted more control over their children's phones.

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The school's technology leader Tony Hoye said parents and teachers would soon meet to decide which search terms would trigger an alert to wellbeing staff at the school and families. These might include suicide, eating disorders or the adult dating app Tinder.

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You don't know what they are up to and when they are at risk," he said. The monitoring is to start a conversation between the parent and the child rather than a punishment type of scenario. While Marist College parents will have the option of seeing what their children are doing on their mobile phones, the school said it would not be utilising this function.

But Victorian Student Representative Council executive student Spencer Davis — a Year 11 student at Footscray City College — said the technology undermined children's agency because it did not require their consent.

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He said that he had no issue with schools monitoring what students did on their network, but delving into their private devices was concerning. Australian Privacy Foundation chair David Vaile described the technology as a "privacy intrusion". He said that there was great scope for businesses to "whip up fear" about the online world.

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Invasive school surveillance practices are on the rise, according to University of Adelaide Associate Professor Andrew Hope. These include swipe cards and biometrics which detect when students arrive at school, CCTV and online monitoring. While the safety of children is important, Associate Professor Hope said children had a right to privacy and surveillance devices could make them less engaged, stigmatise them and erode trust.