Use AeroAdmin as employee monitoring software

Amongst iMontor's additional features are the ability to run up to ten different remote desktops at the same time to monitor employees' work in real-time, and the ability to set up real-time alerts for specific activities. For example, notifications can be sent to a user when an employee types specific keywords or if, for example, they connect a removable storage device to their computer.

Removable storage can be blocked from working and access to websites can be filtered. It is also possible to take control of a computer remotely and open a computer's webcam to view its surroundings.

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The firm says the software is now used by over companies. Amongst the benefits it promises are accurate tracking of when employees arrive at and leave their desk, the ability to schedule reports on users or departments received via email , and the option to set flexible policies for controlling employee work time and 'free' time. Work Examiner is broken down into three main purposes: web usage control, surveillance and work time tracking.

The platform provides data on how an organisation's web traffic is distributed between users, computers, user groups, departments, sites and website categories. It can be viewed by days, dates and hours. Detailed web access reports are provided and, as with other platforms, it's possible to filter what websites employees can access. Users can receive notifications when specified websites are accessed and employees can be issued a customisable message when they access specified sites.

The surveillance functionalities in Work Examiner allow users to see screenshots of what a user is viewing in real-time, and there's the option to capture screenshots at regular intervals and then play them back like a movie. All emails can be captured and saved and it's possible to filter emails by keyword.

Activity on instant messaging applications can also be recorded. Work time tracking allows users to view what employees are spending their time doing, such as which applications they are using the most, what websites they are visiting and how much time they spend on non-work activities.

Employee attendance can be tracked, including when they arrive at their computer and leave, specific applications can be blocked for specified employees, and it's possible to view which employees are working at the current time. InterGuard provides software that aims to record, alert, block, and act on user activity, in order to protect business data, maintain productivity, and ensure legal compliance for data and security protection.

It does this by bringing together different aspects of user activity monitoring, data loss prevention, and incident response, into a single software management platform. InterGuard automatically monitors all user activity and makes that data available for searches, alerts, and reports. Step-by-step guide. Increase productivity with employees' monitoring. One of the easiest ways to arrange employee monitoring is to use free remote desktop software AeroAdmin Download , How to use guide.

AeroAdmin — is a small application working without installation or configuration. It is launched on local admin and remote client computer and is ready to work, out of the box.

🕵Monitoring Employee Computers🤓

AeroAdmin - remote desktop software that allows you to connect to computers over the Internet or in a LAN from any place and see who is doing what at any moment. Aside from employee monitoring, the software provides full control to remote computers, including mouse and keyboard control, file transfer etc. You can work with a distant computer as if you were sitting in front of it.

FREE for home and business use zero-configuration application. You can be in touch with your employees at any time. Your staff become more responsible at work, as they know they are monitored.

Top 10 Best Free Employee Monitoring Software 2018

This is for a whole host of reasons, like working environment, allocated projects and lack of support, just to name a few. But you have your doubts.

By calling on the real-time dashboard of Workpuls, you can instantly see what every team member is working on, identify bottlenecks, and align employee focus. But there are some potential downsides. And, as leaders know, culture is a delicate ecosystem that takes years to build. But, positioned correctly, computer monitoring software can in fact bolster team culture by identifying top performers and workers dragging the team down.

Perceived Lack of Privacy Concerns about workplace privacy and employee tracking are not uncommon. Employees often worry that every detail of their private daily lives will be exposed to management. With a proper explanation of what exactly is being monitored and how the data is used, these privacy concerns can be quickly allayed. Now, some employees will get this feeling just knowing that tracking software is installed in your workplace.

Transparency is one way around this. So, things like monitoring employee email or screenshots can trigger alarm bells that you consider an employee untrustworthy. Places like California have some of the strictest laws around employee surveillance, which can expose an employer to litigation. But it pays to be sure. Before you buy, you need to answer five questions about which employee tracking solution is best for you:. Need a little help answering these? Then read on…. Monitoring goals differ from company to company - even between internal teams. For instance, a large tech enterprise could be looking to stop the Dev team wasting hours on Facebook and Reddit.

While an advertising agency might want to reign in client hours going to the wrong project or being missed altogether. To help, here a the most common goals companies have when choosing to install a worker tracking app:. Remote and freelance workers are becoming increasingly common. So, you need a dedicated remote computer monitoring software, like Workpuls.

If all you need is off-the-shelf, basic activity and computer monitoring, there are plenty of options out there. On the other hand, you might be looking for a highly customizable monitoring solution with advanced features, like Workpuls. So, be sure to factor that into your thinking when you compare side by side.

Real-Time Employee Monitoring. Long-term Data Storage. Activity-Based Payroll Calculator. The costs involved in employee tracking software are more than just how affordable it is. One, large lump sum tiered pricing which leaves smaller companies paying for way more than they actually need. If it does, this will come with a financial, space and time cost. Plus, often to employees tracking software needs to be installed individually on every single device or takes a team of IT experts, which your company may not have.

Employee Monitoring: Report, Alert and Control Employee Activity

Workpuls offers one-step system-wide installation that even teams without a single IT person can quickly and easily setup. If it does, this slow learning curve and difficulty-of-use will cost your team time and money. Data Delays — How long does it take for your monitored data to arrive? Always look for real-time monitoring, which ensures no data delays. Be future-focused when choosing your monitoring software. Just like a model employee, really. Before you install monitoring software, find out what servers are used, data limits and processing volumes. Also, look for the options of secure cloud or on-premises data storage for convenience, security and capacity.

Will your work tracker grow with you?

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It needs to be able to handle spikes in activity, high volumes and more users. And, as your data builds, your software should be able to rapidly store, process and analyze it. A number with a crackling line to a call center on the other side of the country? Stock answers from a customer service handbook? Nothing at all?

The Pros of Employee Monitoring

However you change, your work tracker needs to be customizable to fit your needs. And keep everyone happy For leaders, employers and managers, the decision to install employee activity monitoring software is pretty plain to see. When you decide to install employee computer monitoring software, start by clearly communicating your plan to use it to improve performance.

Employee Monitoring Software

Researchers Bartels and Nordstrom, found that when monitoring is clearly explained and directly linked to rewards or consequences it is highly effective. But, for wary employees, it might not be so clear. For instance, the hundreds of thousands of employees monitored companies using Workpuls experience. This starts with asking key team members to help make a decision about which worker tracking app to buy.

With your leaders on board from the outset, getting the rest of the team behind it becomes easier.